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  uFresh is formulated with the highest quality of 100% natural
ingredients consisting of water-soluble Ocean Pearls, the finest edible
Birdnest and Ganoderma.
  Natural Ocean Pearls contain many kinds of important amino acids
and trace elements. Among them is LYSINE, an essential amino acid
required for physical growth, but is not produced by the human body,
can be absorbed from high quality nutrition such as uFresh. In addition,
Natural Ocean Pearls contain TAURINE, an amino acid that enhances
Germanium and Calcium.
  Birdnest contains water-soluble proteins, carbohydrates, Calcium,
Natrium, Kalium and other required nutrients. Moreover, it provides two
kinds of special active proteins: Mitogenic Factor and EGF (Epidermal
Growth Factor), both of which stimulate cell growth and propagating. As a result, it improves the growth of human tissues, improves cell
regeneration and cellular immunity. Based on thousands of year’s
acquaintanceship, Birdnest and Ganoderma have been considered as
miraculous herbs in China, and were taken by wealthy people as daily
tonicity and medication for all kinds of diseases. Originating from a secret and special prescription from the ancient.
  Chinese Imperial Court, uFresh contains essences from natural
Pearls and high quality Birdnest, which are extracted with the latest
bioengineering techniques. A super-low-temperature ion process
assures all the active ingredients of uFresh from Pearls to Birdnest are
contained to assure proper absorption of these ingredients. In short, it
nourishes your viscera and supplies your body with nutrition to
accelerate your metabolism, improve your blood circulation, regulate
incretion and boost the nerve system to bring maximum benefits to you.

  uFresh is produced in large manufacturing facilities with GMP
certificate authorized by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
People of all ages can benefit from uFresh, a natural essence with no
side effects.
  -Overcome menopausal syndrome
  -Elevate body resistance, combat aging and help attain longevity
  -Improve quality and smoothness of the face and skin, eliminate and
reduce wrinkles and unsightly spots.

  -Take orally with warm water on an empty stomach, 2 capsules one
time, twice a day (morning and evening).
  -Safe to use for an extended period of time without any side effects.
  -500mg/capsule, 40 capsules in one bottle, 3 bottles in one box

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